Example, to search for all recorded cases of biostimulant use on tomato mitigate effects of drought type: "tomato, drought"

Bio4safe database


"This database gathers scientific data on plant biostimulants and helps GROWERS to choose the right biostimulants for their crops"

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What can you find in this database?

After searching, you will find information on the biostimulant, description of the effects, trial details, tested crops, application method and timing. 


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Publications of the Bio4safe-project

  • Do you want to know what biostimulants are and why they should be used?
  • Do you want to rewatch scientific webinars about biostimulants and the used innovative sensors to mesure the effects of biostimulants?
  • Did you know that you can use locally grown seewead based biostimulants from the North Sea?

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