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Amino total

Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: Data not available


Increased produce quality

Amino total treated Celeriac, cv. Monash, grown in a field was on average 6.4 % taller, had on average 3.6 % more leaves, 5.3 % more leaf fresh weight, 17.2 % more leaf dry weight, 17.1 % more chlorophyll, had 6.7 % more total leaf yield and 4.7 % more root yield, the leaves contained 16.9 % more N, 2.7 % less P, 0.3 % more K and 7.5 % more nitrate, the roots contained 48 % more sugars, 5.3 % more vitamine C and 8.2 % more nitrate as compared to the untreated control. (the highest dose gave the best and most significant results)

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown, usual cultivation


Celeriac, Apium graveolens L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First treatment 1 month after transplanting, followed by 4 treatments with a 15-days interval
500 or 750 ppm
Shehata, S.M., Abdel-Azem, H.S., Abou El-Yazied, A., & El-Gizawy, A.M.
Effect of Foliar Spraying with Amino Acids and Seaweed Extract on Growth Chemical Constitutes, Yield and its Quality of Celeriac Plant
European Journal of Scientific Research