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Atonik / Chapperone / Asahi SL

Type: Other, Company: Arysta LifeScience


Increased produce quality
No effect on produce quality

Atonik/Chapperone/Asahi SL treated Tomato, cv. Esmeralda/Dual Plus, grown in the field showed a significant decreased fruit dry weight (-2.4%), the fruits had an increased lycopene content (+14.2%), decreased B-caroteen content (-8.7%), decreased antioxidant activity (-19.2%), decreased soluble sugars content (-3.8%), no difference in soluble solids content (+0.2%), increased titratable acids content (+10%), decreased ascorbic acids content (-11.3%), no difference in K content (-0.9%), no difference in Ca content (+12.6%), no difference in P content (-2.8%), decreased Mg content (-4.7%), no difference in Na content (+1.6%), no difference in Fe content (-4.7%), no difference in Zn content (-3.8%) and no difference in Mn content (-12.6%) compared to the untreated control fruits.

Trial details
Outdoor, unprotected, soil grown (Fluvic Cambisol), after 5 weeks growing in greenhouse conditions, usual agricultural practices


Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at the first cluster flowering phase, followed by 2 applications with a 2-weeks interval
0.5 dm³/ha
Grabowska, A., Kunicki, E., Sekara, A., Kalisz, A., Jezdinsky, A., & Gintrowicz, K.
The effect of biostimulants on the quality parameters of tomato grown for the processing industry
59 (3)