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Type: Plant extract, Company: Italpollina


Increased produce quality

Auxym treated Perennial wall rocket, cv. Nature, grown in an unheated greenhouse during autumn-spring, winter and winter-spring had on average a 4.1 % shorter crop cycle (ns), a 12.4 % higher leaf area index, 20.8 % more plant dry matter, a 11.4 % higher yield, a 1.6 % higher mean weight (ns), leafs contained 7.3 % more chlorophyll, 9.7 % more dry matter, 4.3 % more malic acid (ns), 12.8 % more oxalic acid, 10.7 % more citric acid, 5 % more isocitric acid (ns), 14.3 % more NO3 (ns), 10.3 % more P,  0.8 % less K (ns), 1.8 % less S (ns), 8.7 % more Ca, 3.8 % less Mg (ns), 15.1 % more polyphenols, 93.3 % more ascorbic acid and had a 27.1 % higher anti-oxidant activity compared to the untreated control plants. There wasn't an effect of growing cycle on the measured parameters.

Trial details
indoor, unheated greenhouse, soil grown (sandy-loam), sustainable crop managment, three crop cycles tested (autumn–winter; winter; and winter–spring)


Perennial wall rocket, Diplotaxis tenuifolia

Trial application

Foliar spray
First treatment when leafs were 6 cm long, followed by 2 treatments with a 7-days interval
2 mL/L
Caruso, G., De Pascale, S., Cozzolino, E., Giordano, M., El-Nakhel, C., Cuciniello, A., Cenvinzo, V., Colla, G., & Rouphael, Y.
Protein Hydrolysate or Plant Extract-based Biostimulants Enhanced Yield and Quality Performances of Greenhouse Perennial Wall Rocket Grown in Different Seasons
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