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Type: Plant extract, Company: Italpollina


Increased nitrogen N use efficiency
Increased produce quality
Decreased produce quality

Auxym treated baby rocket, cv. 'Reset', showed significantly increased marketable yield (+31.4%), increased LAI (+39.9%; not significant at first harvest), increased succulence (+3.4%; not significant at first harvest), decreased specific leaf weight (-5.2%; only significant at harvest 3), increased SPAD index (+8.2%), no significant difference in leaf hunter colour parameters (L*, a*, and b*), increased nitrate content (+112.4%), no difference in chlorophyll a content (-3.7%), no difference in chlorophyll b content (-3.2%), no difference in total chlorophyll content (-3.5%) and no difference in carotenoids content (-2.4%) at all nitrogen (N) application rates, averaged across three harvests, compared to untreated control plants.  Biostimulant treated plants showed significantly increased lipophilic antioxidant activity (0 and 60 kg ha-1 N fertilisation rates only) and increased total ascorbic acid (0 kg h-1 fertilisation rate only, decreased at 60 and 80 kg ha-1 fertilisation rate, no effect at 100 kg ha-1 fertilisation rate), averaged across three harvests, compared to untreated control plants. 

Trial details
Outdoor, protected, open-ended plastic polytunnel, grown in sandy soil in lysimeters, varied nitrogen (N) regime: 0 (non-fertilized control), 60 (sub-optimal level), 80 (optimal level), and 100 kg ha−1 (supra-optimal level)


Baby rocket, Diplotaxis erucoies L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application 21 days after sowing, followed by three applications at 1 week intervals
Di Mola, I., Ottaiano, L., Cozzolino, E., Senatore, M., Giordano, M., El-Nakhel, C., Sacco, A., Rouphael, Y., Colla, G. and Mori, M.
Plant-Based Biostimulants Influence the Agronomical, Physiological, and Qualitative Responses of Baby Rocket Leaves under Diverse Nitrogen Conditions
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