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Bio Algeen S90

Type: Seaweed extract, Company: Schulze & Hermsen


No effect on produce quality
Increased produce quality

Bio Algeen S90 treated Potato cv. ‘Denar’, ‘Lord’,‘Miłek’, grown over three consecutive growing seasons, showed on average no significant difference in tuber number per plant (-3.9%), no difference in tuber weight per plant (+6.4%), increased average tuber weight (+13.6%), increased total tuber yield (+7.2%), no difference in marketable tuber yield (+5.7%) and no differences in percentage weight of tubers with diameter: <30 mm (+10.4%), 31-40 mm (+3.1%), 41-50 mm (+7.1%), 51-60 mm (-12.4%) and >60 mm (+18%) compared to untreated control plants.

Trial details
Outdoor, soil grown (Luvisol), three consecutive growing seasons, normal agricultural practices


Potato, Solanum tuberosum L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at BBCH 10-11, followed by a second application two weeks later
2 L/ha
Wadas, W. and Dziugiel, T.
Possibility of increasing early crop potato yield with foliar application of seaweed extracts and humic acids.
Journal of Central European Agriculture
21 (2)
Crop group