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Type: Seaweed extract, Company: BioAtlantis


No effect on drought stress tolerance
No effect on produce quality

BioAtlantis treated Hydrangea, cv. Phantom, grown in a peat-based substrate in drought stress conditions had 2 % longer branches, 14 % less branches, 3 % less fresh weight, 2 % more dry weight, a 2 % better root development, a 9.5 %higher chlorophyll-index, a 22.8 % lower flavonol-index, a 44.1 % lower anthocyanin-index and a 10.7 % higher stomatal conductance  compared to the untreated control grown in the same conditions. No significant effects. 

Trial details
Indoor, greenhouse, peat based substrate, drought conditions (20 % less irrigation)


Hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata

Trial application

Foliar spray
First two applications at the early stage of vegetation at 10 days interval, followed by 2 applications just before the emergence of flower buds at an interval of 10 days
2 L/ha
Ornamental plant research PCS
Bio4safe trial report Hydrangea 2019
Crop group