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Bokashi + Microferm

Type: Mix of different types, Company: Microferm: Biogroei


Increased drought stress tolerance

Norway maple (Acer platanoides 'Royal Red') in full soil recieved Bokashi during planting and was treated monthly with Microferm. This resulted after 3 years in an increase in plant height of 22,0% and an increase in stem diameter of  15,8% compared to the untreated control. The number of dead trees decreased with 60% and the number of failed graftings decreased with 21,2% compared to the control. There was no effect observed on the amount of chlorophyll, flavonols, anthocyans and the nitrogen balance index (indicative for stress responses). 

Trial details
Outdoor, full soil, three consecutive years wiht dry and hot summers (2018-2019-2020)


Norway maple, Acer platanoides

Trial application

Bokashi: shallowly incorporated in soil around plant; Microferm: foliar spray
Bokashi: immediatly after planting; Microferm: every 2 months
Bokashi: 1kg/m²; Microferm: 20 ml/l at a rate of 1000 l/ha
Ornamental plant research PCS
Crop group