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Click Horto + Trainer

Type: Mix of different types, Company: Italpollina


Increased produce quality
Increased salt stress tolerance
Increased other

Click Horto combined with Trainer treated Lettuce, cv. Meraviglia d'Inverno, grown in standard, alkalinity or salt stress conditions had on average 46.6 % more shoot fresh weight, 43 % more shoot dry weight, 34.7 % more root dry weight (ns), 16.8 % longer roots, the same root diameter, 14.8 % more total root surface, leaves contained 15 % more N, 15.8 % more P (ns), 11.1 % more K (ns), 34.2 % less Na (ns), 9.5 % more Fe (ns) and 15.6 more chlorophyll compared to the untreated control. Click Horto combined with Trainer had most effect on Lettuce grown in salt stress conditions.

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, quartziferous sand, standard, alkaline stress or salt stress conditions


Lettuce, Lactuca sativa L.

Trial application

Tablet in soil + foliar spray
Tablet before transplanting; Foliar spray: first treatment 6 days after transplanting followed by 3 treatments with a weekly interval
One tablet per pot (just below rooting zone); Foliar spray: 2.5 mL/L
Rouphael, Y., Cardarelli, M., Bonini, P., Colla, G.
Synergistic Action of a Microbial-based Biostimulant and a Plant Derived-Protein Hydrolysate Enhances Lettuce Tolerance to Alkalinity and Salinity
Frontiers in Plant Science
Crop group