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Glomygel Intensivo

Type: Mycorrhizal fungi, Company: Mycovitro


Increased produce quality

Glomygel Intensive treated Onion, cv. Alfa Sao Francisco Cycle VIII, grown in a greenhouse with ambient CO2 concentrations had a 2.9 % shorter shoot (ns), the same amount of leafs, 36.8 % more shoot fresh weight, 33.9 % more shoot dry weight, 25 % more root fresh weight, 29.6 % more root dry weight, a 2.4 % higher shoot water content (ns), a 4.5 % lower root water content (ns), a 9.7 % lower root/shoot ratio, 15.8 % more mycorrhizal colonization, leafs contained 66.6 % more starch, 14.5 % more total soluble solids, 8.8 % more total soluble proteins, 63.7 % more chlorophyll and 57.1 % more carotenoids compared to the untreated control. 

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, vermiculite:siliceous sand:sterilized light peat (2.5:2.5:1), ambient CO2 concentrations


Onion, Allium cepa L.

Trial application

Syringe inoculation
First treatment 2 days after transplantation of 21 days old seedlings, followed by 0 treatments
5 mL per plant at 250 propagules per mL
Bettoni, M.M., Mogor, A.F., Pauletti, V., & Goicoechea, N.
Growth and metabolism of onion seedlings as affected by the application of humic substances, mycorrhizal inoculation and elevated CO2
Elsevier, Scientia Horticulturae
Crop group