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Goëmar BM

Type: Plant extract, Company: Goëmar Laboratories


Increased produce quality

Göemar BM treated Pear, cv. William's, grown in an orchard had on average 2.3 % more flowers/cluster at full bloom, 16.5 % less fruits/cluster 14 days after full bloom, 9.6 % less fruits/cluster 42 days after full bloom, had at harvest a 2.8 % bigger fruit diameter, 10.1 % heavier fruits, 33.5 % more seeds/fruit, a 4.4 % higher crop density, a 9 % higher total yield, a 19.7 % higher yield efficiency, fruits contained 3.4 % less soluble solids, 10.9 % more starch and were 1 % more firm, leaves contained 4.2 % more chlorophyll, had a 9 % bigger surface and were 1.3 % heavier compared to the untreated control. The BM2 application timing had most effect on the growth and production of pear.

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown, optimal conditions


Pear, Pyrus communis L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
BM1: first application at white bud stage followed by 2 treatments at full bloom and petal fall. BM2: first application at full bloom, followed by 2 treatments at petal fall and at fruit size 3-4 mm
3 L/ha
Colavita, G., Spera, N., Blackhall, V., & Sepulveda, G.
Effect of Seaweed Extract on Pear Fruit Quality and Yield
Acta horticulturae
Crop group