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Goëmar BM86

Type: Seaweed extract, Company: Data not available


Increased produce quality

Goëmar BM86 treated Apple, cv. Gala Must/ Jonagold Decosta/ Golden Delicious grown in optimal conditions in an orchard had a bigger average size of apples, a higher number of marketable apples, an increased flowering quality and time and an increased vegetative growth compared to the untreated control.  In Gala Must cultivars, preparations diminished red color and decreased firmness and soluble solids content whereas in Jonagold Decosta cultivars, preparations increased red coloring as well as firmness and soluble solids content, especially after storage, although increasing rotting inclination.

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown, in neighboring rows in same orchard


Apple, Malus x domestica

Trial application

Foliar spray
First when petals stopped falling, second two weeks after flowering and last three times during successive 3 months (last 3-4 weeks before harvest)
250 mL/100L
Basak, A.
Effect of preharvest treatment with seaweed products, Kelpak and Goëmar BM 86, on fruit quality in apple
International Journal of Fruit Science
Crop group