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Goëmar BM86

Type: Seaweed extract, Company: Goëmar Laboratoires


Increased produce quality

Goëmar BM86 treated Apple, cv. Gala Must, grown in an orchard had 2.7 % less N, 17.5 % less P (sign), 19.4 % less K (sign), 6.5 % less Ca and the same amount of Mg in leaves, had a 9.9 % bigger fruit diameter (sign), fruits were 26.5 % heavier (sign), contained 20 % more dry matter (sign), 130 % more vitamine C, 1.2 % more total sugars, were 16.7 % more acid, contained 76.5 % more flavonoids (sign) and 45.5 % more phenolic compounds (sign) compared to the untreated control.  

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected orchard (since 1998), soil grown, drip irrigation system, 4.85 x 1.6m tree spacing


Apple, Malus x domestica

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at half blooming, followed by 3 treatments at full blooming, petal falling and 2 weeks after full blooming
7.41 L/ha (3L/acre)
Tamás, N,P., Ádám, C., & Anita, S.
Effects of algae products on nutrient uptake and fruit quality of apple
Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
Crop group