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Green hum

Type: Humic and fluvic acids, Company: Data not available


Increased produce quality

Green hum treated Strawberry, cv. Selva, grown in a hydroponic system had on average 45.1 % more shoot dry weight, 194.2% more root dry weight, 24.7 % more leaf area, 7 % more leaf chlorophyll content, 18.1 % more inflorescences, 27.3 % more primary fruit weight, 20 % longer fruits, 109.3 % more total yield, 8 % more malformed fruits, the fruits had 0.9 % more total soluble solids, 24.3 % more ascorbic acid and were 10.3 % more acid as compared to the untreated control. (dose of 3 g/L gave most significant results)

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, hydroponic system, plants in 5 L pots filled with perlite:cocopeat (1:1 v:v), usual cultivation


Strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application when the plants had 5-6 fully expanded leaves, followed b 1 treatment with a 15-days interval
1.5,3 or 4.5 g/L solution
Eshghi, S., Zare, M., Jamali, B., Gharaghani, A., & Farahi, M.H.
Vegetative and Reproductive Parameters of ’Selva’ Strawberry as Influenced by Algaren, Drin and Green Hum Foliar application
Agricultural Communications