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Type: Humic and fluvic acids, Company: Gro-Power


Increased produce quality
Increased nutrient availability in soil or substrate

Gro-Power treated Creeping bentgrass, cv. Penn A-1/Penn A-4/Penn-G-6, grown in a green had a 4.8 % higher overall turf grass quality, a 7 % higher turf color score, a 4.3 % higher tiller density, 12.2 % more winter injury, 1 % more plant coverage, 150 % more plot area infected by diseases, no moss growth, a 1.5 % higher soil pH, soil contained 6.7 % less P, 39.5 % more K, 21.4 % more Mg, 7.3 % less Ca, 14.3 % more Na compared to control treated with a mineral fertilizer (Arena). 

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown (12 % (v/v) sphagnum peat in root zone layer), optimal cultivation of golf green


Creeping bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera L.

Trial application

Spread over soil
First treatment in start of growing season (May), followed by 6 treatments with a 2-weeks interval till the end of the growing season
0.45-1.7 kg/100 m² (dose depended on the week)
Aamlid, T.S., Hanslin, H.M., Molteberg, B., Susort, A., Steensohn, A.A., Enger, F., & Haaland, P.
Evaluation of organic fertilizers and biostimulants on sandbased golf greens and football pitches under Scandinavian climate conditions
BioForsk report
Crop group