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Type: Seaweed extract, Company: Omex


Increased nitrogen N use efficiency
Decreased nitrogen N use efficiency
No effect on nitrogen N use efficiency

Kelpak treated lettuce, cv. 'Hawking', outdoor grown in a DFT (Deep Flow technique) system with reduced nitrogen occasionally showed significant differences in comparison to untreated control grown in the same conditions: at some assessments/stress situations Chlorophyll Red and the NDRE were significantly higher. But also, at some assessments/stress situations significantly more stress was measured and and less chlorophyll (NDRE). Analysis of the harvested crop showed - depending on the stress situation - significantly higher concentrations nitrogen, phosphorus and copper per kg dry matter. At other assessments/stress situations the concentrations iron, zinc and copper were lower than in the untreated control.

Trial details
outdoor, hydroponics (DFT: deep flow Technique), reduced nitrogen


Lettuce, Lactuca sativa L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application 9 days after planting, followed by 3 treatments 23, 37 and 51 days after planting
3.0 L/ha at 400 L water/ha
Vertify (Matthijs Blind)
Crop group