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MegaFol + Brexil-Zn + MC-Extra

Type: Mix of different types, Company: Valagro


Increased produce quality
Increased potassium K use efficiency

MegaFol+ Brexil-Zn+MC-Extra treated Almond, cv. Nonpareil, grown under adequate potassium levels had a 160 % bigger shoot leaf area, an equal shoot length, a higher number of leaves, a bigger leaf size, an equal trunk diameter and 14.7 % more branches (g) (not sign) compared to the untreated control. MegaFol+ Brexil-Zn+MC-Extra treated Almond, cv. Nonpareil, grown under low potassium levels had a bigger shoot leaf area, a bigger shoot length, more leaves per shoot, an equal trunk diameter and 25.6 % more branches (g) compared to the untreated control onder low potassium levels.

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, virgin fritted illitic clay in a 20 L pot, adequate and low potassium levels


Almond, Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb

Trial application

Foliar spray
Sprayed two times in summer of 2011 at 7-days interval (160 and 167 days after full bloom) and three times in spring 2012 at 7-days interval (67, 74, and 81 days after full bloom).
Concentration N-K-Zn in final solution 132-581-119 (µg/g) in final solution
Saa, S., Olivos-Del Rio, A., Castro, S., & Brown, P.H.
Foliar application of microbial and plant based biostimulants increases growth and potassium uptake in almond (Prunus dulcis [Mill.] D. A. Webb)
Frontiers in Plant Science
Crop group