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Mycor Nursery/Media Mix

Type: Mycorrhizal fungi, Company: Plant Health Care


Increased nutrient availability in soil or substrate
Increased produce quality
Increased phosphorous P use efficiency

Mycor Nursery/Media Mix treated Maize, cv. Viking, grown in a greenhouse with low soil phosphorous concentration in the substrate had on average 18.2 % less mycorrhizal colonization, 4.7 % more shoot dry weight, 338.2 % more extractable soil phosphorous and a 60.6 % higher foliar P content compared to the untreated control. The plants died when the highest dose was applied. All parameter increased in a dose-dependend manner, with the exception of the mycorrhizal colonization which was highest at the lowest dose. 

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, silica sand: sandy loam 2:1 substrate, low soil phosphorous concentration


Maize, Zea mays L.

Trial application

Granular AMF mixed with soil
At time of sowing
3, 15, 30, 60 or 120 g/L
Wiseman, P.E., Colvin, K.H., & Wells, C.E.
Performance of Mycorrhizal Products Marketed for Woody Landscape Plants
Journal of Environmental Horticulture
Crop group