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Nanozim NXT

Type: Mix of different types, Company: Biostadt


Increased drought stress tolerance
Increased water use efficiency
Increased produce quality

Nanozim NXT treated mint, at 100%, 70% and 50% container substrate capacity, showed on average significantly increased leaf number (+35.5%), increased leaf area (+35.5%), increased plant height (+24.2%), increased root dry weight (+30.9%), increased plant fresh weight (+26.5%), increased plant dry weight (+30.8%), increased irrigation water use efficiency (+26%), increased photosynthetic rate, increased transpiration rate, increased stomatal conductance, increased leaf relative water content, increased essential oil ratio, increased midday leaf water potential, decreased 1-Menthone (-33.3%), decreased isopulegone (%) (-18.6%), decreased pulegone (%) (-18%), increased α-Pinene (+178%), increased α- Terpineol (+61.6%), increased 1,8-Cineol (+31.6%), decreased lipid peroxidation, decreased H20, increased CAT activity and increased SOD activity compared to untreated control plants. Biostimulant treated plants showed increased proline content at 50% and 70% CSC, compared to untreated control plants.

Trial details
Indoor, protected, unheated greenhouse, pot grown in sandy soil, three watering levels (100%, 70%, and 50% of container substrate capacity), repeated over two successive growing seasons


Mint, Mentha longifolia L.

Trial application

In watering solution
30 days after transplanting
1.5 ml/l
Elansary, H,O., Mahmoud, E,A., El-Ansary, D,O., Mattar, M,A.
Effects of Water Stress and Modern Biostimulants on Growth and Quality Characteristics of Mint
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