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Pepton 85/16

Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: APC Europe


Increased cold stress tolerance

Pepton 85/16 treated Strawberry transplants, cv. Diamante, grown in a tunnel with 5 nights at -6°C just after transplanting had after 60 days on average 57.6 % more dry weight of new roots/total roots, 92.2 % more flowering, a 7.8 % higher survival rate and 57.9 % more accumulated fruit weight compared to the untreated control plants. The highest dose had significant effects on the dry weight of new roots, flowering and fruit weight. The lowest dose only had significant results on flowering and fruit weight. 

Trial details
outdoor, tunnel, soil grown (sandy-loamy texture), 5 nights -6 °C (cold stress) just after transplanting


Strawberry, Fragaria x ananassa

Trial application

Soil injection
First application immediately after transplanting, followed by 4 treatments with a 15 days interval (last time: 35 days interval)
2 L/ha (2.5 g/L) or 4 L/ha (5.0 g/L)
Marfà, O., Cáceres, R., Polo, J.,& Ródenas, J.
Animal protein hydrolysate as a biostimulant for transplanted strawberry plants subjected to cold stress
Acta Horticulturae