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Type: Seaweed extract, Company: Tradecorp


No effect on produce quality
No effect on water use efficiency

Phylgreen treated raspberries subjected to different fertigation regimes in commercial set up  showed no sig. differences in  yield, BRIX, stomatal conductance (LiCOR), chlorophyl fluorescence (MiniPAM), xylem pressure, fruit/biomass fresh and dry weight, water use efficiency (C13 isotope analysis ) or nutrient use efficiency (C:N ratio) when compared to the control plants grown at the same conditions. 

Trial details
Indoor, polytunnel, 10 L pots filled with coconut coir, 2 canes per pot, commercial drip fertigation at 30-40% run off, 10-20% run off and 0 % run off.


Raspberry, Rubus idaeus

Trial application

Foliar spray
Every 15 days with the first application
3ml/L at 500 L/Ha spray volume
Papp-Rupar M., Xu X.Interreg Bio4safe project, NIAB EMR