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Previsan S

Type: Other, Company: Agriton


No effect on drought stress tolerance

Previsan S treated Peace Lily, cv. Alfetta/Lima, grown in a peat-based substrate was after 3 repeated drought stress cycles on average 0.6 % taller and had on average 1 % broader leaves, 1.6 % longer leaves, 5 % less fresh weight, 0.4 % less dry weight and 2.4 % less root development, during drought stress Previsan S had no significant effect on the stomatal conductance compared to the untreated control grown in the same drought stress conditions. Only negative significant effects on the plant height and leaf length of cv. Lima. The effect on the total chlorophyll content and the content of total phenolics varied between the different drought cycles and cultivars; Previsan S lowered the total chlorophyll content of cv. Alfetta after recovery compared to the untreated control. 

Trial details
Indoor, greenhouse, peat-based substrate, repeated drought stress-cycles


Peace lily, Spathiphyllum

Trial application

Foliar spray
Every 14 days
30 mL/L
Ornamental plant research PCS
Bio4safe trial report Spathiphyllum 2020
Crop group