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Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: Plant Health Care


No effect on produce quality
Increased produce quality

ProAct treated Orange, var. Navelina/ Lane late, had a (significantly) lower % creasing fruit at harvest, had no difference in incidence of claret, had a significantly lower % deformation and had significantly more bound Ca compared to the untreated control grown in the same orchard under the same conditions.

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown, normal agricultural practices


Orange, Citrus sinensis L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at stage of falling petals, followed by 1/2 applications at stage of fruit set and at stage of color change. In the third and fourth year a single application at fruit set or at color change was tested.
300 g/Ha
Ibanez, V., Lopez-Garcia, A., Pérez Román, E., Borredá, C., Talón, M.
Effect of the application of Harpin protein (ProAct®) on the incidence of creasing, fruit deformation and bound-Ca2+ content in orange varieties.
Trial report Plant Health Care
Crop group