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Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: Plant Health Care


No effect on yield
Increased yield

ProAct treated Cucumber, var. Valle, grown in a greenhouse in soil had a 15.1 % increased stem diameter (sign), had an increased chlorophyll content (+3.1%), had no difference in flowering, in firmness at harvest except for the 10th harvest a 3.7 % significant better firmness was measured, had no difference in loss of firmness after harvest (-13.8 % less loss in firmness 4 days after harvest, 7.3 % more loss in firmness 11 days after harvest), had no difference in weight loss post-harvest (-61.8 % less weight loss 4 days after harvest, -36.4 % less weight loss 11 days after harvest), had a 9 % increased number of fruits/thesis (sign), no difference in number of fruits per plant (+2.4%), no difference in yield (kg/m²) (+7.7%) and had a significant higher yield in kg (+ 7.7%) compared to the untreated control grown in the same conditions.

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, soil grown, normal agricultural practices, drip irrigation (3L/h)


Cucumber, Cucumis sativa L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at BBCH15, followed by 8 application with a 14-days interval (last application on BBCH 87)
150 g/Ha
Trial report Plant Health Care
Study of the biostimulant effect in cucumber after foliar applications of ProAct Harpin ab 1% during the crop cycle