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Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: Plant Health Care


No effect on produce quality
Increased produce quality
No effect on yield

ProAct treated Grapevine, var. Allison, grown in an orchard had a better coloration (+5.8 %, sign), had no difference in berry weight (+7%), in berry caliber (-0.1%), in soluble solid content Brix° (-1.3%), in titratable acidity (-1.6%), in hardiness at harvest (+6.7%), 3 days after storage (+1.1%), 7 days after storage (+0.3%), 10 days after storage (+4.8%), had no difference in % dehydratation after 3 days storage (+50 % more), 7 days of storage (-16.5% less dehydratation), 10 days after storage (0%), had no difference in number of cracked berries per bunch (+16.9%), % bunches with crackes berries (+9.7%), number of clusters per vine (+1.7%), kg berries per vine (-4.7%) compared to the untreated control grown under the same conditions. 

Trial details
outdoor, cultivation under mesh, soil grown, normal agricultural practices


Grape, Vitis vinifera

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at BBCH 75 (Pea size), followed by 2/3 treatments 15 days later (BBCH 77), at the start of veraison (BBCH 83) and at softening of berries (BBCH 85; in case of 4 applications)
150 g/ha (fourth application 200 g/Ha); 800 L/ha spraying volume
Trial report Plant Health Care
Assess the increase of calcium in fruit and the improvement of organoleptic parameters in pear, with the application of the formulation ProAct AA form Plant Health Care Spain, comparing it with a control (Farmer's Standard)