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Type: Protein hydrolysate, Company: Plant Health Care


No effect on produce quality
No effect on yield

ProAct treated Potato, var. Jelly grown in the field had no significant difference in total numer of tubers/ha (+4.8%), in total yield (ton/ha) (-3%), in yield 40-90 mm (ton/ha) (-3.6%), in tuber dry mass (+3.8%), in tuber dry mass yield (-0.4%), in tuber cracking incidence (+11.6%), in common scab severity (-3.2%), in plants showing blackleg symptoms (+7.9%), in proportion of tubers with rots (+5%), in weight of rotted tubers (-24.8%) and tuber calcium concentration (+5.4%)  compared to the untreated contril grown under the same conditions. 

Trial details
outdoor, unprotected, soil grown (sandy loam soil), normal agricultural practices


Potato, Solanum tuberosum L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First treatment end of May, followed by 3 applications with a 10-days/ 16-days and 2 months interval
150 g/ha, different application volumes over the 4 applications: 125/200/250/300 l/ha
Stalham, M.A., Barton, J., Dellar, P., Clark, L., & Wellman, E. (Trial report Plant Health Care)
Effect of irrigation regime and ProAct application on blackleg infection, tuber rotting and yield
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