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Type: Mix of different types, Company: Valagro


Increased other

Radifarm treated Tomato, cv. Buran F1, showed increased highest leaf area index (+76.3%), decreased specific leaf area (cm²/g DM) (-9.5%) and increased leaf dry matter content (mg/g fresh weight) (+11.3%), averaged across treatment methods and both samplings, compared to the untreated control. The different application methods had the same significant effect. The effect on the specific leaf area and the leaf dry matter was only significant in the first trial year. 

Trial details
Indoor/outdoor, greenhouse/unprotected, gardensoil:manure:commercial substrate 1:1:1, fertigation via drip irrigation system, usual agricultural practices


Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum L.

Trial application

By watering
First application 14 days before transplanting, followed by a second application 7 days later; Or only one application one day after transplanting; Or combination of both
0.25 % solution; 100 mL/plant before transplanting and 250 mL/plant after transplanting
Vinkovic, T., Paradikovic, N., Teklic, T., Tkalec, M., & Josipovic, A.
Tomato leaf area index under the influence of biostimulants
Proc. Of 45th Croation and 8th International Symposium on Agriculture