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Radifarm + Megafol + Viva + Benefit

Type: Mix of different types, Company: Valagro


Increased produce quality

Radifarm + Megafol + Viva + Benefit treated Sweet Yellow Pepper, cv. Century/Blondy, grown in a hydroponic system in a greenhouse with a 30 % reduction in nutrients had on average a 14 % higher total yield, 53.5 % less non-commercial fruits, a 4.9 % higher average fruit weight, a 22.4 % higher commercial yield, the fruits had 11.6 % more total phenolics, 15.9 % more Vitamine C, the leaves had 25.8 % more chlorophyll, 24.2 % more carotenoids, a higher DPPH free radical scavening ability and a higher anti-oxidant activity as compared to the untreated control plants.

Trial details
indoor, greenhouse, hydroponics system in rockwool, 30 % reduction of nutrients


Pepper, Capsicum annuum L.

Trial application

Radifarm and Viva: In nutrient solution; Megafol and Benefit: Foliar spray
Radifarm/Megafol: first application at transplanting, followed by 4/10 applications; Viva: first application 4 months after transplanting, followed by 4; Benefit: first application 10 days + 5 months after transplating, followed by 8
Radifarm: 0.25 % solution, 60 mL/plant; Megafol: 0.20 % solution, 55-60 mL/plant (every time ca 15 mL more); Viva: 0.25 % solution, 120 mL/plant; Benefit: 0.30 % solution, 120-150 mL/plant
Paradikovi´c, N., Vinkovi´c, T., Vinkovi´c Vrˇcek, I., Zuntar, I., Boji´c, M., Medi´c- ˇ Sari´cc, M.
Effect of natural biostimulants on yield and nutritional quality: an example of sweet yellow pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) plants
J Sci Food Agric