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Terra Sorb Complex

Type: Other, Company: Bioibérica


No effect on produce quality
Increased produce quality
Decreased produce quality

Terra Sorb Complex treated Common bean, cv. Mexican Black, showed no significant difference in 1000 seed weight (g) (-3.2%), no difference in seed yield (g/m2) (+16%), increased number of pods.m-2 (+43.9%) (0.3% single spray and 0.5% double spray only), no difference in number of seeds.m-2 (+30%), no difference in acid-detergent fibre content (decreased in 0.5% single spray), no difference in neutral-detergent fibre content, no difference in lignin content (decreased in 0.5% single spray), increased hemicellulose content and no difference in cellulose content (decreased in 0.5% single spray), at all application rates, when averages across three growing seasons, compared to untreated control plants.

Trial details
Outdoor, unprotected, soil grown (Gleyic Phaeozems), normal agricultural practices, repeated over three consecutive years


Common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at BBCH 12-13, followed by 0 or 1 application at BBCH 61; for both doses
0.3% or 0.5% at 300L/ha
Kocira, S., Szparaga, A., Findura, P. and Treder, K.
Modification of Yield and Fiber Fractions Biosynthesis in Phaseolus vulgaris by Treatment with Biostimulants Containing Amino Acids and Seaweed Extract
Crop group