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Terra Sorb Complex

Type: Other, Company: Bioiberica


Increased produce quality
No effect on produce quality

Terra Sorb Complex treated Soybean, cv. Atlanta,  showed on average significantly increased seed yield (+25.3%), decreased 1000 seed weight (-5.6%), increased number of pods (+32.3%), increased number of seeds (+33%), increased plant height (+35.1%), no difference in number of internodes on the main shoot (+20.2%), increased location height of the first pod (+12.8%), seeds had no difference in total proteins (+1.3%), no difference in total fat (-6.1%), no difference in total phenolics content (+34.5%), increased total flavonoids content (+73.9%), increased total anthocyanin content and no difference in reducing power (+209.6%), compared to untreated control plants, when averaged over three growing years. Double spraying with 0.5 % dose had best effect on seed yield. Single spraying with 0.3 % or 0.5 % had best effect on growth.

Trial details
Outdoor, unprotected, soil grown (Gleyic Phaeozems) over three consecutive years, normal agricultural practices


Soybean, Glycine max L.

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application at BBCH 13-15 followed by 0 or 1 application at BBCH 61
0.3% or 0.5% solution at 300 L/ha
Kocira, S.
Effect of amino acid biostimulant on the yield and nutraceutical potential of soybean.
Chilean journal of agricultural research
79 (1)
Crop group