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Type: Other, Company: Intermag


Increased produce quality
Decreased produce quality

Tytanit treated Thyme, cv. 'Sun', showed no significant difference in plant height (+7.6%), no significant difference in fresh mass (+4.3%), no significant difference in air-dried mass (+4.3%), significantly increased yield (+16%), no significant difference in rubbed herb (+7%), no significant difference in percentage of woody parts (-2.8%),  decreased oil content (-11.6%) and increased theoretical oil yield (+3%), compared to untreated control plants and averaged over two growing seasons.

Trial details
Outdoor, unprotected, soil grown over two consecutive growing seasons


Thyme, Thymus vulgaris

Trial application

Foliar spray
First application in the third decade of June, followed by a second application in the second decade of July. (Approx 12-13 weeks and 15-16 weeks after sowing)
0.05% (V/V)
Król, B.
The effect of foliar fertilization with Tytanit and Ekolist in thyme culture
Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska
64 (1)
Crop group