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Increased produce quality
Decreased produce quality
No effect on produce quality

Tytanit treated Tomato, cv. ISI 68249, showed no significant difference in total yield (kg m-2) but significantly reduced marketable yield (kg m-2) (-12.3%), compared to untreated control plants, at biostimulant application rates of 80 or 240 Ti ha-1. Biostimulant application rate of 480 Ti ha-1 resulted in no significant change in total or marketable yield whilst the 960 Ti ha-1 application rate resulted in significantly increased total yield (+17%) and significantly increased marketable yield (+14%), compared to untreated control plants. Tytanit application resulted in significantly higher nitrogen (N) (+15.7%; not significant at dose of 480), higher phosphorous (P) (+3.9%; significantly lower at dose of 80; significantly higher at dose of 480-960), lower potassium (K) (-4.2%; significantly higher at dose of 80), higher calcium (Ca) (+5.3%; significantly lower at 80) and higher magnesium (Mg) (-9.3%; significantly lower at dose of 80) content in leaves and significantly higher N (+12.7%; no difference at dose of 240), no difference in phosphorous (P) (7.5%), no difference in potassium (K) (+2.6%), lower Ca (-24%; significant at dose of 80), higher Mg (+8.3%; no difference at dose of 240-480), no difference in dry mass percentage (-1.8%), higher vitamine C content (+14.3%, not significant at dose of 240), no difference in total sugar content (-0.4%) and no difference in actual acidity (-0.2%), averaged across different application doses, compared to the untreated control plants.

Trial details
Indoor, greenhouse with controlled climate, grown in rockwool over two consecutive growing seasons, usual agricultural practices


Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum L.

Trial application

Varied throughout growing season (15-20 single doses daily June-July)
0, 80, 240, 480 or 960 g Ti.ha-1, varied throughout growing season (3.0-3.5 dm3 per plant applied daily June-July)
Kleiber, T., Markiewicz, B.
Application of "Tytanit" in greenhouse tomato growing
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum., Hortorum Cultus
12 (3)