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Vitact R

Type: Bacteria, Company: DCM


No effect on drought stress tolerance

Vitact R treated Azalea, cv. H. Vogel, grown in drought and nutrient stress showed a non significant decrease in average plant diameter, a non significant decrease in average plant height, a non significant lower number of unwanted bypass shoots and a non significant lower dry weight as compared to the untreated control grown in the same conditions. (Bio4safe Project)

Trial details
indoor, heated greenhouse, peat based substrate, reduced nitrogen and water, drought and nutrient stress


Azalea, Rhododendron simsii

Trial application

Mixed into substrate
First treatment at transplanting, followed by 0 applications
1000 l/ha
Pauwels E., Van Kerkhove S., Gobin B.
Biostimulants tested on Ericaceae to improve yield and abiotic stress tolerance
Proceedings: 4th Biostimulant World Congress Barcelona 2019
Crop group