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Vitact R

Type: Bacteria, Company: DCM


No effect on nitrogen N use efficiency
No effect on phosphorous P use efficiency
No effect on potassium K use efficiency

Potted Darley Dale Heath cv. 'Kramers Rood'plants were grown on either 100% fertilization (0,8 µS/cm) or with 50% nutrient stress (0,4µS/cm). The amount of water recieved via top irrigation was the same for both. No significant differences were found between the treated plants and the untreated plants, in both the 100% fertilized and 50% fertilized plants. The measured parameters were plant height, plant surface, plant health score, root score, fresh weight and dry weigth. 

Trial details
Indoor, frost free greenhouse, peat based substrate, P12 plant pot, continuous nutrient stress


Darley Dale, Erica x Darleyensis

Trial application

Mix with substrate and pour on the pot
During potting and once after 4 weeks
10 ml/m³ substrate
Ornamental plant research PCS
Crop group